Daily Sessions

The children are provided with a healthy snack during the morning and afternoon which consists of fruit with either toast or a biscuit. Milk or water is offered to drink and all dietary requirements are taken into consideration. Water is always available throughout the session.
If the children are staying for the full day then they will need to bring a healthy packed lunch.
Our daily sessions consist of 'freeplay' periods, adult led activities, messy play, group activities, song and story time outdoor and physical play.
The children will be able to participate in cookery, art and creative activities as well as being able to have quiet periods.
The activities are based upon The Early Years Foundation Stage, observations are made accordingly, and these impact on all areas of planning and play.
The children will make their own choices and decisions and will be encouraged in these areas and given the support that they require.

Early Years Foundation Stage

The EYFS is for all children aged between birth and five years.
The EYFS combines play, learning, effective practice and welfare requirements as a whole, it is divided into two areas with learning objectives and goals within them
Prime Areas
  • Communication & Language
  • Personal, Social & Emotional development
  • Physical Development
The Prime areas need to be embedded as they are the foundations for the children’s learning and development.
Specific Areas
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design
The Specific areas extend the children’s knowledge and give a rounded early learning experience, which lay the foundations for Primary and Secondary education.
The children learn through play and quality interaction with qualified staff, the Preschool uses ‘In The Moment Planning’ and elements of The Curiosity Approach to support the Characteristics of Effective Learning.
The Preschool will review their practice and implement any changes necessary to improve the care, support and learning that the children receive.
The Characteristics of Effective Learning are the toold that the children use to extend and explore their learning styles and support and encourage them to be independent thinkers and learners.
These are
  • Playing and Exploring
  • Active Learning
  • Creating and Thinking Critically

Arriving and Leaving Preschool

The children will need to be signed in and out of Preschool by their responsible person.
Any changes in collection of the child will need to be discussed with their Key Person.
If your child is not attending Preschool for any reason we ask that you telephone and let us know as soon as possible.

What to Wear

The children will be involved in messy activities and although aprons are provided sometimes paint etc will get onto clothing, so please bring your child in play clothes that you do not mind getting messy.
If your child requires nappy changing, please could you ensure suitable clothing is worn and that spare nappies, wipes and a full change of clothing is provided.


Children are not generally encouraged to bring toys into the setting, however comfort toys, blankets etc are most welcome to help your child feel comfortable and settle in. These can be stored in the child's named tray to keep them safe. Please inform your child's Key Person on arrival of any such items.
Due to the nature of child’s play, Corby Glen Preschool will not be held responsible for damage to general toys brought into the setting.